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Testing iframes in React with Enzyme

I recently worked on an unusual and somewhat anachronistic requirement, presenting a marketing/sales form using an iframe inside a React.js app, with a seamless UX to boot. The integration uses postMessage for cross-domain page communication, which proved an interesting challenge for unit-testing.

The stripped down example below demonstrates the use of a React function component and a callback ref. The component sends a message to the page within the iframe once it has loaded.

function IframeComponent({ domain, path }) {
  let iframeRef;
  const post = (msg) => iframeRef.contentWindow.postMessage(JSON.stringify(msg), domain);
  const onIframeLoad = () => post({foo:'bar'});
  const getRef = (el) => iframeRef = el;
  return (
        src={domain + path}
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I wanted to test the load behaviour without having to load the contents of the iframe, my solution (after a lot of digging around on the internet) was to use a test double for the iframe by gaining access to, and invoking the ref callback.

The test below is written with Mocha, Chai, Enzyme and Sinon

describe('IframeComponent', () => {
  it('should invoke load message correctly', () => {
    const domain = '';
    const wrapper = shallow(<IframeComponent domain={domain} path="/page"/>);
    const iframe = wrapper.find('iframe');
    const spy = mockIframePostMessage(iframe);
    const props = iframe.props();

    expect(props.src) + path);


    expect(spy.args[0][0]){ foo: 'bar' }));
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And below shows how, using Enzyme we can find the iframe React node and invoke its ref callback, providing the simple test double.

function mockIframePostMessage(iframe) {
  const postMessage = sinon.spy();
  const iframeMock = {
    contentWindow: {
  return postMessage;
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Note: I believe getNode has now been replaced by getElement in the latest version of Enzyme.

This approach provides a nice, simple way to write fast tests for iframes in React 🚀

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