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🙏 JavaScript EP01 (Execution Context)
Abhinav Singh Jamwal
Abhinav Singh Jamwal

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Summarizing Namaste 🙏 JavaScript EP01 (Execution Context)

Thank you Akshay Saini for this beautiful series. Just summarizing your lessons for whenever I need a quick recap. Same for others. Hope it helps.

"Everything in Js happens inside an Execution Context"

What is an execution context ??

We can say execution context is like a container in which whole Js runs.

Execution context consists of two parts:

1->Memory or Variable environment
2->Code or Thread of execution

Js is not possible without execution context.


In first part, all the variables and functions are stored here as key value pair. When I say functions it means whole function code is assigned as a value.

In second part, all the Js code is executed line by line.

Js is a synchronous single threaded language.

To understand this, single thread means Js can execute one command at a time.
So, synchronous single threaded means it will execute code one at a time and cannot move forward(next line of code) without finishing previous one.

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