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Jannatin Naim
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VSCode Extensions You Should Have

Extensions are a key component of VSCode. They can add so much functionality to this seemingly simple code editor. Here's an exhaustive list of extension that I use in my day to day workflow in VSCode.

Get Python language support with linting, debugging, running tests and lots more.

Format your JavaScript code according to an opinionated standard or your own.

Lint your code to follow a certain code style.

Get intelligent suggestions (not just word auto completion) based on your code.

Interact with git from VSCode through a powerful UI.

Run any script you want.

Good looking icon theme.

Collaborate with multiple people on the same file.

Autocomplete paths in your files.

  • GitHub Pull Requests and Issues Download

Manage GitHub issues and pull requests directly from VSCode.

Best color scheme ever made. (#controversial)

  • ES7+ React/Redux/React-Native snippets Download

Useful snippets if you're using React.

Standardized editor configuration.

Never make a spelling mistake ever again.

Lint markdown files to follow a certain standard.

Colorful comments to easily navigate around important parts of the code.

Go to definition for CSS.

Git log... but cooler.

Highlight dotenv files.

Prototype your JavaScript code.

Distinguish between multiple VSCode instances.

Generate gitignore template.

Manage package versions.

Preview images in the gutter for quick reference.

Why have tiny squiggly lines when you can have chungus line highlights.

Autocompletion for SCSS.

  • Microsoft Edge Tools for VS Code Download

Suggest best practices for web development and integrate with Microsoft Edge browser.

Toggle formatting files.

Browse remote GitHub repositories without cloning them.

Have the same markdown previewer as GitHub.

Track your coding time.

Sort lines by any order.

Preview your HTML files inside VSCode.

Take cool screenshots of your code to share around.

Generate random lorem ipsum text for any file.

Highlight CSS colors.

Cleaner app icons.

Autocompletion for markdown emojis.

Get relative path to any file in the project.

Switch between .env files.

Preview audio files.

Generate a license file.

Show off to your friends what you're working on.

View files inside VSCode.

Preview GIF files.

Put bookmarks throughout your code.

Autocompletion for CSS classes.

Make API requests from VSCode.

All your TODOs in one place.

Control Spotify from VSCode.

PS: If you speak Bangla you can also check out this YouTube video showcasing these settings.

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