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jan paul
jan paul

Posted on or how to mess up the DOM

I stumbled upon this little gem in the vue-land #random channel and it made me smile. Posted by xan#2554.

Thought maybe it can make you smile too and decided to share it to you. Have fun.


  1. copy script
  2. visit your most preferred website -- ..most likely 😜
  3. open console
  4. paste script and press enter
(function funnyFunction() {
  var screenwidth = window.innerWidth;
  var screenheight = window.innerHeight;
  document.querySelectorAll('body *').forEach(function(node) {
    randT = Math.floor(Math.random() * screenheight);
    randL = Math.floor(Math.random() * screenwidth);
    node.setAttribute('style', 'transition-duration:500ms; transition-property: left, top; position: fixed; top:'+randT+'px; left:'+randL+'px');
  setInterval(funnyFunction, 500);
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Be honest to yourself, did you knew what will happen?


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