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RELEASE 0.4 - Week 1 collaborating on open source projects - beginners


Hello, Welcome to my blog to find the process of collaborating on open source projects. I am considering you all know where you can contribute.
To look for trending open source projects: Github

Contribution stages

Stage 1:

To begin with, we need to find the project to commence with development. This initiative can be cumbersome for new developers. So, to make this simple try narrowing down choices such as using tags, language, open issues etc. It will help you find the project that best suits your knowledge and do it within the desired timeframe.

Stage 2:

The next task, start building and testing the application/source co on your device. It will tell you to confirm all operations works accurately. Now, the main component is to ask the developers of the project. If they need help in the project. This way, it will be confirmed the project you are going to work is active.

Stage 3:

Lastly, choose the projects you think will make your knowledge broader.

Release 0.4 projects

I have chosen these projects because I believe I can finish these tasks. I would contribute towards EbookFoundation, tldraw & mdn documentation resolving bugs & adding features.

List of issues:

Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4
Issue #5


If you had like to avoid confusion during the selection of a project keep one thing in mind: A developer doesn't need to know all the languages, only needs to master one.

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