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Japneet Singh
Japneet Singh

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RELEASE 0.4 - Week 3 collaborating on open source projects - Final

Words on taking OSD 600

Hello Everyone, I took this course to learn about open source development but I can say I learned much more from it. Each week, we worked on learning something new and then contributing to each other's code. Also, having great feelings about resolving small bugs and dealing with major issues. To sum up, It all went really well and had a great learning experience.

Working with other developers

I personally believe the atmosphere around open-source development is important. This was greatly completed in this course due to two applications 1. Slack and 2. Telescope. Reading out each other posts and helping out was something missing during my early education. Pointing out small errors and making all of us realize our mistakes was very important.

Advise new developers

I would recommend this course to all who want to get a feel on how you contribute to an open-source project. It also teaches you how to interact and help each other out to do better in terms of learning a new language or fixing a bug.

Final Good-Bye

Thank you each and every one! Have a wonderful holiday! See you all soon.

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