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2021 in review

2021 is almost over so time for a year end review.

Still Virtual

For a year and 3/4 I have only been to virtual code meetups. I spent time at some outdoor events in the spring. They were not related to development but i did get to see people in person, None of my usually meet ups have returned to in person. The few local meet ups that have are not where I can attend. My child just got vaccinated before winter break.


Finished a python project for an improv show. Fun little side project. Take audience input and give an actor a randomized selection to pick from.
Did some React tutorials and made more CSS art for Halloween and Christmas.

Virtual Coffee

I helped Virtual Coffee developer group by working on a Users guide to Virtual Coffee. This is a guide to help on board new members to the group. full write up

Code Challenges

I worked on code challenges this year. I did exercises on Exercism ans a bit of Shortcut Foo.
In the spring I did the 30days of html, a humor at work challenge, and react query week.
In September 15 days of CSS
Some of the advent of CSS. And then there's Hackoberfest.

Hacktoberfest 2021

This is the second year I completed Hacktoberfest. I had five PRs accepted over three different open source maintainers. Most were documentation I and learned some markdown tricks.
More in this post

On job search

still looking had a good 1st round right before winter break. HR said they had a few days left to work before they shut down. Said the second round would be in the new year.


After staying consistent blogging from fall 2020. I took a short blogging break for a while. It felt like I was blogging to keep a streak alive and wasn't adding much. If I had blogged more this recap would be easier. Blogging good to track progress.
I resumed in September I've blogged at least once a week since.

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