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Coffementation: Documenting Virtual Coffee

I got to give back recently, I wrote some documentation for Virtual Virtual Coffee is a developer peer support group that began about a year and a half ago.

It's grown large enough that the maintainers felt people didn't know everything the community had to offer. So a Guide to Getting the Most out of VC was proposed. Bekah, one of cofounders, asked if I wanted to lead the process. I jumped at the chance.

As we discussed it with VC maintainers, it was decided also we needed a member resources section to add FAQs and other things to help our members. The Guide to VC was to be part of the resources.

I got into the code base and created the member resources folder then made an index page and the place-holder VC guide page. Then learned that using the collection keys would add my basic page to the home page.
I use ipsum loreum generator for Coffee and Cheese to layout the content. I followed a general outline created by a VC maintainer.

Started with Zoom and Slack as those are the most active parts of Virtual Coffee. I used descriptions from VC and general info on slack. Ayu Adiati expanded on that and wrote how to find channel and join channels and brief description on some most popular ones. She's also working on a master list of our slack channels.

The next task was to describe our member's only events like our lunch and learns, lighting talks, and monthly challenges. All these events are a great part of our community. The challenges are one of the best places to get the community feel of Virtual Coffee.

I wrapped up the outline with 'How to keep up with us". This is a list of our podcast, newsletter, YouTube, and Twitter. Ayu again expanded on these.

Wrap up

The guide highlighting important areas. We will expand on it, there's more to VC. Also it was good to work with 11ty and find illustration using Undraw.

Please checkout the Guide to Virtual Coffee the join us on Tuesday or Thursdays.

Thanks to Ayu Adiati, Bekah, Kirk, and Dan.

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Kirk Shillingford

Thank you for the excellent work, Chris!

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Ayu Adiati

Thank you so much for the collaboration, Chris!
It was a pleasure to collab with you! 😃