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Hacktoberfest 4 of 4

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I have completed HacktoberFest2020. I had my fourth PR accepted for the month.

You did it! Congratulations on submitting four (or more) pull requests and contributing to open source projects this month.

I had wanted join Hacktober to since I learned of the challenge. I registered last year. During the preview time I found an issue. I coded it and submitted a PR. But it didn't count for my total since It was done before the event started. I jumped the gun. During that October things were busy and I didn't come back to work on projects. This year I made the time.

This latest commit was for the community for which I made a Favicon. This time they wanted to signify the group's founders on screen. I modified some JavaScript to id the community founders and then display them to a separate section of the page. I labeled the sections for founders and members.

Once I submitted the PR. The Maintainer added some suggestion to how change the section titles to better made the site's styling. I updated and my PR was accepted.

For this issue I learned a little about elventy and its templating system. I like what I seen of it.

I plan on doing some more Open source PRs this month. Before I can do that I have to update a personal project and do interview prep.

How is you Hacktoberfest going? Have you made commits? What did you work on?

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