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TDev Conference

The Tennessee Developer Conference (Tdev conf) was last week. TDev Conf is a virtual conference started in 2020 by the four Tennessee .Net Users groups.

The concept for this event was born out of the Nashville .Net User group meeting when someone suggested a virtual consolidated meetup because all the meetups were being canceled.

The one-day event ran multiple simultaneous tracks. Attendees could bounce between stages, named for user group areas. They could also ask questions in the chat. Plus you could meet people in the Hallway track.

Here are just some of the talks that were presented.

The keynote speech by Paul Sheriff was given midday. Paul Sheriff) is a Pluralsight author and instructor. I've seen him at the .Net Nashville user group a couple times.

Alishah Novin, "How Yoda, Prof X, Gandalf and Nick Fury Build Strong Teams", talked about building teams He used fictional teams like the Avengers and X-men and the Fellowship, to describe team archetypes and how each role is important to a team.

Tracy Lee talk was "How to Get Involved in Open Source: A Quick start Guide." She talked about how to network with open source maintainers. Get to know them before asking for something. Maintainers are more likely to help someone they're more familiar with than a stranger.

Taylor Desseyn also talked about Social Media. His speech was "How Social Media Can Land You Your Dream Job." He showed how to use Twitter, LinkedIn, and Polywork to help build your brand and your network.

This was the second year for TDev and I hope they continue having them. I know the Nashville .Net group is still virtual, I don't know about the others. I like the chat feature and the size of the conference. It was small enough that I was able to chat with some of the speakers. A few of which I knew from local events or social media. See networking pass off.

Some talks may be available on user group's YouTube in the future. I'll add a link if they are posted.

Are you enjoying the remote conferences? Are you ready to meet in person?

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