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Daily code, like daily bread

Why I decided to code for 1h daily for 100 days under #100daysofcode

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today ~ Tony Robbins

That line still resonates deeply today. Or stings badly, depending on what I’m thinking about.

I’m glad now for some of the things I started a year ago today. Things like being on keto, learning coding, having a child. Without these things, the quality and meaning of my life would have been much worse off.

But it’s one thing to be glad that you started, but another to have reached your goal. For coding, I’m glad to have started, but my journey is far from over. In fact, it’s just began, and I’m nowhere near the level of proficiency I need to be able to create the products I dream of. Basically, a competency-aspiration mismatch.

“Easy or not, time will pass anyway.”

If time will pass anyway, might as well just do it, so that one year later I won’t just be glad to have started, but elated to have accomplished my goal.

That's why I decided back in July 2020 that in order for me to get to the mastery I want, I need dedicated practice. To achieve mastery, I can’t drop in and drop out every few weeks or months. My grasp on coding often feels like I got it, then I don’t. Two steps forward, three steps back. I’m tired of this push and pull relationship. Hence, I dedicated an hour of code daily, in the mornings or at night. Rain or shine, busy or not. Sixty minutes of code every single day, or bust (my streak). For 100 days - #100daysofcode

Daily code, like daily bread.

And I'm grateful and glad I did, because I finally made coding stick, and I made my very first SaaS.

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