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State or this.state?

The original title of this blog post was "What does constructor actually do?" But as I struggled to get my thoughts down to 1 min or less, my dismal attempt at creating a poems app helped to crystalize the question I wanted to address.

If it's a question of what the constructor does, the answer is :

  • to initialize your component

But why someone might use constructor versus initializing state ={} is less clear. Though I've researched the topic, I'm still grasping at the nuanced differences for when is the best time to choose one over the other

I personally like using class components without props because:

  • it's simpler/shorter code
  • it inherits methods from React.Component
  • Also inherits constructor, which you won't have to write (though you can still choose to)

Creating Component without props

class MyComponent extends Component {
state = {

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Surprisingly, many online resources use functional components or use class with props. This means you have to:

  • write more lines of code
  • create a constructor with props
  • then pass the props value from constructor to super
  • call super(props) in order to can use this.props

Creating Component with props

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
    constructor() {

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Clearly, I need to read more on this topic. But since it's something I am having to spend more time on, it seemed like it might be helpful to share what I've learned.

As always, here's a StackOverflow link I came across in my Googling

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