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Top 10 Tools Every Software Tester Must Try

This list covers the gamut of tools for the most common types of testing you'll be doing.

“Testing is an infinite process of comparing the invisible to the ambiguous in order to avoid the unthinkable happening to the anonymous.” — James Bach

Testing no doubt is an infinite and demanding process. The testers need to be well versed with a lot of skills in order to make sure that the end product is what the user is expecting! Whether it is capturing screenshots in run-time efficiently or estimating what to automate, testing has a lot of aspects to it. Thinking from someone else’s point of view and making sure that you do not miss out on anything is a challenge in itself and to sail your boat out of these troubled waters, a lot of tools are available today, the most prominent ones out of which are -

1. For Cross Browser Testing

LambdaTest — LambdaTest is one of the best tools available today to make sure that your website does not suffer from cross-browser compatibility issues. You may test your application on almost any desktop and mobile browser available today using LambdaTest. The Screenshot feature of the tool enables you to generate full page screenshots of your web pages along with giving you an opportunity to choose from a range of 2000+ desktop and mobile browsers.

Cross browser tools such as LambdaTest make it easier for you to test your code in different browsers and compare the results. For instance, in case you are a macOS developer, you can use LambdaTest to test your website on Internet Explorer easily!

2. For Automated Testing

Katalon Studio — Katalon is a software testing tool with amazing support for simplifying API, web, mobile and automation testing. This cross-platform tool is free and quite robust in its application. The user interface is quite friendly and easy to grasp. Apart from that, the tool supports an active community of 350k+ automation testers and is quite popular among a wide class of users. The tool comes power packed with a dual scripting interface for new and advanced users and is capable of revolutionizing the way you have been testing!

3. For Remote Test Execution

Ranorex — Doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a novice, Ranorex is here to give you all that you need to be an expert tester. Whether it is desktop testing, mobile testing or web testing, Ranorex has features for all. This all-in-one developer friendly test automation tool lets you automate your test suite on a Windows desktop while executing them locally or remotely. Cool enough, isn’t it? Boost your cross-browser testing speed, explore script-free functionality and run a lot of tests in parallel using this.

4. For Performance Testing

LoadView — Perform on-demand performance testing with LoadView. This flexible performance testing tool runs on the cloud and is one of the most efficient tools available for performance testing today. The tool comes equipped with support for testing on real browsers and is amazingly scalable. Some of the popular features of the tool are Point and Click Scripting, Global Cloud-Based Infrastructure, Real Browser Testing.

5. For Exploratory Testing

qTest — Deploy the qTest manager on the cloud and perform and perform streamlined automated testing! The exploratory and session based testing tool gives you a lot of necessary testing support along with agile test management. The tool has exclusively been designed for enterprise teams and has a modern user interface.

6. Internet Speed Finder

SpeedTest — This is amazing and probably the most popular broadband speed testing tool. The tool is quite accurate, reliable and efficient as it uses 2,500 servers to generate its test results. It also has a small Ping test tab feature to give you awesome user experience.

7. For Capturing Screenshots

TechSmith — Software testers need to capture a lot of screenshots while testing, and what’s better than having a tool that does it all for you? TechSmith is one of the most amazing tools for capturing screenshots. The tool comes power packed with features for advanced image editing and screen recording. The testers may even edit the captured screenshots or record video. Whatever the screen size may be, efficiently capture your entire desktop, region, window, or even a scrolling screen without any hassle.

8. For Data Visualization

PractiTest — Make use of this end-to-end test management tool called PractiTest to visualize data on advanced dashboards using PractiTest. The tool has a complete SaaS approach and needs negligible maintenance. The tester may reuse the tests and co-relate them very quickly. Amazingly enough, the tool is the only quality assurance and management tool with SOC2 type compliance!

9. For Debugging

Chrome Developer Tools — Chrome Developer Tools is a set of web developer tools inbuilt to Google Chrome. The tool lets you exclusively edit code and remove errors in the code. Make use of Chrome Developer tools to easily view and change a page’s styles, debug JavaScript and even optimize the speed of the website. Apart from that tools like DebugBar and Open Dragonfly may be useful for you!

10. For Visual Testing and Mobile Testing

Functionize — Say hello to innovative testing methods with Functinize. No longer do you need to use third-party providers to perform cross-browser automation. Get rid of visual-based test failures irrespective of the complexity or density of the page.

Along with Browser Compatibility testing, Functionize also provides visual testing, performance testing, and mobile testing. Run by a passionate team of developers focused on building the smartest testing solution in the world, it has been garnering rave reviews from various users all over the world.

These were our list of top 10 software testing tools. Explore these tools to develop bug-free websites and applications. Ease your job as a tester and automate as much as you can. Keeping the interest of a wide user base in mind, these tools have incredible features to ease cross-browser testing. Amazing enough? Check out all of them now!

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