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My LGMVIP experience

Hey, Guys how you all are doing I hope you all are doing well. Recently I have enrolled for an intership program at Letsgrowmore.

So here I would like to share my internship experience at Letsgrowmore. In this internship program, they have given us three tasks out of which we have to do two tasks to get the internship certificate. So, let's go through my tasks.

Task1:- In task one we have to build a single-page application I have introduced all the features in these project like carousels, cards, newsletters, swiping video section, swiping Gallery section contact section, and at last a footer. It was a challenging task because we have to made these pages mobile responsive also and to make it responsive I have used Bootstrap. I really enjoyed making this project I have put all my efforts and skills to make this project.
Task-1 Code
Task-1 Video

Task-2:- In this task we have to build a landing page that contains a button (get users) when a user clicks on it, it fetch user data in the form of cards and while the API is fetching data its show loader that indicates that the data is loading.
Task-2 Code
Task-2 Video

At last I would like to thank Letsgrowmore for boosting up my skills and I recommend all of you guys to visit VIP-Letsgrowmore and take benefits from these free organization.
Thank You,
Jatik Bhardwaj

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