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What is Jetpack in Android and why Android developer should have to use Jetpack.

According to Android officials

"Jetpack is a suite of libraries to help developers follow best practices, reduce boilerplate code and write code that works consistently across Android versions and devices so that developers can focus on the code they care about. "

Let's Understand what actually it is.

Jetpack: Architecture

The Architecture zone of Jetpack incorporates eight unique libraries and instruments that help you, modeler, your application and deal with the information utilized by and showed in the application. A large portion of these are existing libraries. In any case, there are three new libraries:

Paging, and.
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What is Android Jetpack?

Android Jetpack is an assortment/collection of Android programming components which encourages us in building incredible Android applications.
The Android Jetpack components bring together the existing Support Library and Architecture Components and arrange them into four categories.
These software components help in:

Following the prescribed procedures and composing the standard code.

Making complex things basic.

Prior there were numerous difficulties which are as per the following:

Managing activity lifecycles.
Surviving configuration changes.
Preventing memory leaks.
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Deep dive in Android Jetpack follow the below link.
Android Jetpack:

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Martín Vukovic

Jetpack is what Android development always should have been. Imagine starting Android development today and having Jetpack at your disposal to use. It's a completely different experience, a better one IMO.

Not saying it's perfect, but in the past I had my moments of "HOW ON EARTH THERE IS NO OFFICIAL WAY OF DOING THIS EXTREMELY COMMON THING ON ANDROID??" and Jetpack fixed pretty much all of that.