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JavaScript Tutorial
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Build next gen web apps using web components

In todays world the front end technology is evolving really fast. New frameworks are getting launched to simplify the developers life. But with the changing technology its really hard to move from one framework to another or update to the newest version. Web components is a relatively new standard enabling front end developers to create cross frameworks compatible components. it lets you write reusable components with native browser Api with zero external dependencies.

In this workshop we will learn to build a web app with reusable components using web components (custom elements, Shadow DOM, Html templates, Modules). We will also get acquainted with helper library lit-element and how we can integrate these components with existing frameworks.

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Great video! I think that this kind technology will be very useful for building out applications and websites in a shorter period of time. There is a company called Skhemata that has also built a wide range of web components using Lit Element and other technologies. It's great for those that don't have the time to build out all of the components from scratch. Here is a link to the Skhemata website:

You can see their free and paid plans here: