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10 Java Articles You can Read this weekend

Hello Java devs, it's been long time since I publish my curated list of Java articles you can read this weekend. So here we are with the new year, I would like to be little more consistent with my articles and here is the second edition of my list of 10 Java articles you should read.

The list includes both articles which you might have missed as well articles from outside Java world like Medium, and my own blogs javarevisited and etc.

Without wasting anymore of your time, here is a list of Java articles you can read this weekend

1. 10 syntax in Java You should know

I am pleasantly surprised with this article and I also learned quite a few things like the Pattern.asPredicate, you will enjoy this one.

2. 7 Features Java Developers Should Learn in 2022

My articles about cool java features you can learn this year like Records, Sealed Classes, var, Text Block as well Lambda and varargs if you don't know them already

3. JPA One To Many example with Hibernate and Spring Boot

Good tutorial to learn how to implement Spring JPA One-To-Many mapping with Hibernate in a Spring Boot CRUD example using @ManyToOne annotation.

4. 25 technical skills Java developers can learn in 2022

My article where I have shared 25 technical skill after analyzing 100+ java developer job descriptions you can learn this year.

5. A tentative comparison of fault tolerance libraries on the JVM?

A nice comparison of various fault tolerance libraries by Nicolas Frankel, worth reading for experienced developers.

6. Top 5 Frameworks Java developers can learn for Microservices Development in 2022?

My articles where I have shared promising Java framework you can learn this year like Quarkus, MicroNaut, Vert.x, DropWizard and Spring cloud

7. Spring Boot and Rest APIs in Java

A good article to learn how to develop REST APIS using Spring Boot.

8. The 5 Java Concise Syntaxes I Miss in Kotlin

Java is not always worse than Kotlin and this article shows that

And, now the last two articles from my blog Javarevisited and Java67,

  1. Top 10 Scala and Groovy Frameworks Java Developers can learn

  2. 10 Spring Framework Annotations Java Developer should learn - Example Tutorial

That's all about some interesting Java articles and tutorials you can read this week. Tell me in comments how did you find this list, does these article worth of your time?

You can also suggest any other interesting Java article you read this week and you found worth sharing, including your own.

All the best and stay safe.

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