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How To Get Support To Fix A "Disruptive" Problem

jaymeedwards profile image Jayme Edwards πŸƒπŸ’» ・2 min read

Software projects are getting more complicated every day.

It's easier than ever to get to a point where you’re blocked by a problem.

And I’ve been in the situation many times where I’ve had to explain a problem I’m having to my boss or managers.

It’s bad enough when you're blocked until you fix the problem.

But it’s even worse when you realize fixing the problem might block other people from getting work done!

When this happens, I’ve had bosses at times pretend there is no problem!

If there’s high pressure on your software project, blocking multiple people to fix a problem can feel impossible for management.

Especially if managers are focused on how much work people are getting done.

I talked with you in another video about how focusing on how much work a team gets done actually hurts how much money a product makes for your company.

So in this video I want to share some ways you can get your manager or boss to support you - even when you need to disrupt other people to fix a problem.

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Skip to points in the video:

01:47 Communicate The Impact
02:24 Document Who Will Be Blocked
03:06 Explain The Dangers Of Not Stopping
04:44 Offer Next Steps
06:01 Offer Alternative Work For Others
07:39 Take Ownership For The Problem

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Christian Vasquez

You can't imagine how helpful your videos are, Jayme!

I just wanna nomnomnom all your videos hahahha

jaymeedwards profile image
Jayme Edwards πŸƒπŸ’» Author • Edited

LOL, glad you’re digging em! 🀣

rounook profile image

Very Informative !!! Thank you.

jaymeedwards profile image