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Jonathan Gamble
Jonathan Gamble

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Firestore Full Text Search Package

If you want full text search capabilities in Firestore, you have limited options... until now. Firebase recommends Algolia. Yes, Google recommends Algolia instead of a Google product to have search capabilities in a Google product. I digress. Basically, you have these options:

You can also use pretty much any search engine that you can connect your data to using firebase trigger functions. However, I like to keep my data in Firebase.

I have a hate/love relationship with Firestore like everyone else, but I wrote a package that allows you to full-text search data in Firestore, by creating indexes in Firestore. While I had three different ideas to do this, see here for my article, there is only one package I think works for most people...

Relevant Search

1.) npm i adv-firestore-functions

2.) Add the function to a onWrite trigger function like so:

import { soundex, relevantIndex } from 'adv-firestore-functions';

    .onWrite(async (change: any, context: any) => {


   await relevantIndex(change, context, {
      fields: ['content', 'summary'],
      filterFunc: soundex

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The soundex function allows you to do a fuzzy search. While not perfect, it should take care of most of your needs. I made it optional in case you don't want to use it, or you want to use your own changing algorithm.

3.) Add / Edit / Delete a new Post (or whatever collection) - Everything is changed and updated automatically on the backend.

4.) Make sure to add rules for your collection as well as _search and _events collection. They both need to be writable by Firestore, while _search needs to be readable on the client side by anyone.

5.) Use my pre-written Firestore Callable Function to read the indexed data on the front end:

import { relevantSearch } from 'adv-firestore-functions';

exports.searchPosts = functions.https.onCall((q, context) => {

  return await relevantSearch({
    query: q.query,
    col: 'posts',
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or write your own:

If you have other needs, check out my other searches:

While I may or may not be done with Firestore, see Dear Firebase Team..., I wrote this package a while ago and needed to share it.

Post on GitHub if you have issues or ideas.



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