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My First Hellow Word

My first program inteligent was with pencil and paper, Yes Really!, 1995 a computer was is not possible for buy, because I was 17 years old,
not working, my parents give me all, ehhhh; Ok, the basic, like money for the university, three food for day, clothes, shoe, only that, for me is OK,
because was just I need.

The closest a computer was in my head, in my imagination or in laboratory of my University.

My first hours the programming was Pascal, C, and C++, they was the languages in that years, was my first program was not print "Hello Word" else a sort arrays
with 100 numbers and exploit my head, was very amazing for me.In vacations my notebook it was my way of letting go of my desire to program and
remember clearly that was switch case of C for simulate IA (Inteligents Artifical),Jajajajajaajajaja, like that:

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
   char a;
   printf("Is not Raining Now?...(Y)es-(N)o \n");
   scanf("%c", &a);
    case 'N' :
        printf("Then Is Raining, Human!\n");
    case 'Y' :
        printf("Is not Raining, Human!\n");
   return 0;

Realy that code is amazing for me in 1995 and my notebook was look very pretty

I hope will like my post.

See soon.

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