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WebPageTest live audits - Thursdays on Twitch

Our team at WebPageTest tried our hand at Twitch recently and realized it can be more than just a gamer platform! The power of a live streaming platform is truly remarkable especially when you have like- minded professionals in the web performance space coming together, learning together and sharing their insights with everyone else.

And we are just getting started here with performance audits. Coming soon are building integrations, and even hosting experts and fellow community members.

We just completed our second session today talking about advanced features on WebPageTest and used the Catchpoint (our company) website as well as Allbirds (yes to the shoes!).

You can check out today's broadcast here

In our first session, Tim Kadlec deconstructed a web performance session for Joybird, custom furniture and home décor site using WebPageTest per their request. Be right back - This couch in Bentley Daisey color has caught my attention!

These live performance sessions on Twitch are turning out to be quite enjoyable, with fun banters among our live streamers as well as serious performance insights for the sites we reviews. It’s all in the chat if you don’t believe me!

If you want to follow along the sessions Tim used, here are the WebPageTest test result URLs:

You may be wondering “Why Twitch, why not YouTube Live?” If you prefer YouTube Live, please let us know and we’ll figure something out. Also, are you wondering “Why Tim Kadlec, why not me or my friend Jane?” Absolutely! Just let us know who and what topic via DM on Twitter

When’s the next session, you ask? It’s every other Thursday! So go ahead and sign up for alerts and share it with your fellow team members and friends

Looking forward to testing and building with you!

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