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Why do people code?

Hi everyone! My name is Jeffrey Matthews, I am 29 and counting and I am a software engineer (or at least that is what I want to think).

I have always asked myself the question most of you already thought about but were not quite sure about the answer:

why did you become involved with code?

Seriously, why? Is that because you wanted to create something of your own because you realized your mortality and inevitability of your doom and this is an attempt to make something that will possibly outlast the sparks in your brain?

Was it an attempt to escape the world around you into the realm of logic and math where everything has a reason and purpose, unlike yourself and most of entities in your life?

Was it just because coding was a trade that gave you money without needing work physically and/or contact a lot of people?

Let's see what you answers are!

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt
  • Automation
  • Information / data manipulation and storage (isn't that what IT is?)
  • Full customizability
  • Taking challenges and making my dream poissble
  • UI / interactive visuals
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Jon Randy 🎖️ • Edited

At the start - curiosity. As a 7 year old, being able to make the black and white TV screen show things that I wanted it to (via the Sinclair ZX Spectrum) was a revelation!

Ultimately for me, I guess it's really the thrill of seeing the thought processes inside my head take form on the screen

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programming is art its creativity its putting brains on paper and executing them on machines immagine create embrace its just it i wud love to share with the world with whats on my minds

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Piotr Wawrzyńczyk

Why do people code? I will just leave it here, as a food for thought