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TabPal : My first Chrome extension

I'm always on the look to extend or add new features to the tools that I use. This time I decided to make a simple extension for Chrome after getting tired of the way it handles the next active tab when you close a tab.

Current features

For now, the extension simply allows you to choose whether to select the left or the right tab after you close a tab, as well as adding a few shorcuts for some features you only get by right clicking a tab.


  • Alt + Shift + T: Open a new tab to the right

  • Alt + Shift + P: Pin selected tabs

  • Alt + Shift + M: Mute selected tabs (the tab, not the whole site)

  • Alt + Shift + S: Go to the first tab playing sounds

Options page:
Options page

Next steps

If you find this interesting or useful, I'd like you to give it a try and tell me what you think about.

In the future I plan to add more interesting features such as choosing the last active tab from the same domain after closing a tab or the last active, if there is none from the same domain. Useful when you go back and forth between a set of tabs.

Link to the extension: TabPal

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