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High-Perf Embedded Hardware 06-2020

jeikabu profile image jeikabu Originally published at on ・2 min read

Raspberry Pi 4 w/ 8GB RAM- latest iteration of the venerable Raspberry Pi. Version 4 with 8 GB RAM and 64-bit Raspbian OS to leverage all that sweet, sweet RAM. Assuming it has the USB-C fix, seems like now is the time to splurge.

AMD APU w/ Vega graphics- we previously worked with an AMD APU utilizing Zen CPUs and Vega graphics and I’ve longed for a similarly equipped SBC. Looks like one is finally here. With eyes on the upcoming PS5/Xbox Series X, one could assume that an even more powerful version is on the horizon.

Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX- we lamented the memory bandwidth of the Jetson Nano and this iteration brings it up to par with the TX2- albeit at a much higher price-point.

Google Coral Dev Board Mini- the Coral line of products targeted at ML applications has a number of interesting products available now, but I’m eagerly anticipating this standalone board.

AWS Graviton2- ok, not exactly embedded hardware, but I have a penchant for non-x86 compatible hardware. The $/W numbers are enticing and should encourage platforms that can target alternative architectures.

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Muhammad Azeez

What are you thoughts on Meadow?

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jeikabu Author

Hadn't heard of it, but it's pretty neat. I've got a few Feather devices and it's a cool form-factor.
The only thing is Netduino seems to be based on .Net Micro which is more or less dead, isn't it? If .Net Core added support for ARM Cortex-M7 and they moved to that it would be a lot more compelling.

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Muhammad Azeez • Edited

Mono is not dead, .NET needs it for iOS, android, wasm and some other platforms. In fact it's being merged into .NET 5. I don't know know if the meadow team plan to migrate to .net core because Mono's AOT compilation story is very mature while .net core doesn't have one yet (apart from CoreRT, but Microsoft doesn't seem to like it very much)

Meadow can run .NET standard 2.0 code which covers most of nuget packages.

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jeikabu Author

Ok, maybe I skimmed their docs too quickly. Missed that it was Mono, it looked like it was .Net MICRO which is... mostly dead.