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When you realize you’re at the bottom of a very steep gradient.

FRI 02:56

“i'm so mad
i've been doing a LOT of work planning out the way different classes need to interact with each other, and i'm realizing that i have my Trade model written all wrong
and that i really do need to being working with rspec and writing tests to validate my code AS i write it”

“It seems like something everyone realizes as they learn
There needs to be unit tests for each line or function
I haven’t even written my own”

“i have way too much work to do with this thing god damnit”

“Ur thinkikng like a soft dev
Modular functions”

“i am so lucky that i have remote job”

“I think what you have is impressive as a personal project”

“it's not what it should be tho”

“I realize writing software is like polishing a rock”

“omg true”

“No but don’t let the ideal overwhelm or kill you”

i'm trying to rewrite T and changing Item and adding S
if i can't get anywhee with it i'm going back to writing U”

“Very few people bang out foolproof stuff with short periods of work
I realize with the company I’m working at now the amount of code and features they have was iterated so many times in small ways
Over the last few years”


“There’s features that were slapped together over hack days that became major business features
The ones not written well or well considered were always maddening to the senior dev because improving it was like changing the wheels on a moving car
But it’s the nature of the beast apparently
The only benefit of this was that they committed and deployed frequently so there were fewer merge conflicts”

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