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'Test Automation U' Enrollment Up to 20,000 Students in Six Months, Top 100 Students Announced

If you're not continuously learning, you may be losing to someone else (or a machine) that is...

As someone who is just starting to dabble in coding and how to do software testing, I'm constantly looking for helpful resources.

Last week, the organizers of Test Automation University (Angie Jones and Raja Rao) announced that enrollment into the online learning community has grown to 20,000 students since it went live in January. What's more, is that they've gamified the learning experience with badges, exams, certificates, and a "Test Automation U" Leaderboard of the Top 100 students based on achievements and the scores from their certification exams (

According to the announcement, Test Automation University is a free, community-driven collection of educational training resources to help improve test automation skill sets. With initial video courses by test automation experts Angie Jones, Dave Haeffner, Jonathan Lipps, Joe Colantonio, Amber Race, Elisabeth Hocke, Manoj Kumar, Jason Arbon, Raja Rao, and Gil Tayar, 'Test Automation U' is building, identifying, and amplifying emerging practices in test automation. (

According to Angie Jones, "The talent gap is huge when it comes to test automation initiatives, and many programs get delayed or even fail because of this. What is great about Test Automation U is that we're opening the doors to all schools of thought, capturing the knowledge, and distributing it openly in relevant locations. No matter what role you're playing in the software development process, it's extremely important for everyone to collaborate and work together."

By the looks of it, Test Automation U has expanded its curriculum to 23 courses covering subjects such as:

Setting a Foundation for Successful Test Automation
Exploring Service APIs through Test Automation
Automated Visual Testing
Web Element Locator Strategies
Scaling Tests with Docker
Introduction to Java Programming

It also looks like they've added more instructors to their faculty, which include Alan Richardson, author of books Java for Testers and Automating and Testing a REST API, Aparna Gopalakrishnan, Quality Engineering Consultant at Wipro Limited, Tariq King, Head of Quality at Ultimate Software, Meaghan Lewis, Engineering Manager at GitHub, Jonathan Lipps, Architect of the Appium project and Nikolay Advolodkin, CEO of Ultimate QA.

Seems like a very good place to start for a beginner like me or even an advanced testing pro looking to refresh or learn a [new] skill.

What are some other resources from around the globe that are helpful for people to use to get started learning more about test automation?

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Douglas Fugazi

This is a advertisement post?

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Jeremy Douglas

Has anyone had any experience with the International Institute for Software Testing?