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Merry #JavaScriptmas ! 🎄

For my very first post in developer community, I'm very pleased to share with you my experience of the Scrimba's JavaScriptmas advent calendar.

While the 24th first days of December, despite the strange year, I was exciting about this challenge every evenings. That became for me like a ritual, and the resolution of little enigmas to solve (and some were a tricky !) was a very important planned moment in my daily routine.

Why I did this ?
I'm a web developer and challenging coding problems are my usual daily ! Furthermore some of interviews question are more likely tricky problem of coding (inverting a binary tree, if you know what I mean ...). Therefore, to be able to face this kind of evil interviewer, I decided to began my trip in practicing some Typescript problems on the website There is a ton of website like this one (HackerRank, LeetCode or TopCoder) and these sites are more oriented business because they try to match with the perfect company for you, thanks to different tests you overcome on the platform. What I looked for, was a playground where I can practice peacefully but my trip was not so much motivating and I lose sight of my goal.

Then Per from Scrimba send a Newsletter : "Stay tuned, JavaScriptmas advent calendar will be soon available ! Great price to win, everyone can participate and share with others !" That became my new goal and I when the enrollment was made I decided to never miss a day ! And I did it (except 1 or 2 days, ok I plaid guilty but I catch up quickly ! 😇) here we go for all the days of JavaScriptmas challenges :

  1. 🍬 Candies
  2. ⭐️ Deposit Profit
  3. 🧚 Century From Year
  4. 🎄 Chunky Monkey
  5. 🐑 Reverse A String
  6. 🤶 Sort By Length
  7. 🦌 Count Vowel Consonant
  8. 🔔 The Rolling Dice
  9. 🎺 Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers
  10. 💂‍♀️ Adjacent Element Product
  11. 🎁 Avoid Obstacles
  12. ❄️ Valid Time
  13. 🤴 Extract Each Kth
  14. 🧸 Maximal Adjacent Difference
  15. 🕊 Carousel
  16. 🧦 Insert Dashes
  17. 👑 Difference Symbols Naive
  18. 🎅🏻 Array Previous Less
  19. 🐫 Alphabet Subsequence
  20. Domain Type
  21. 🦃 Sum Of Two
  22. 👼 Extract Matrix Column
  23. 🌠 Social Media Input
  24. Test Your Agility

What I learned ?
I work with Js Framework, so many operations are facilitated. Some of the challenge like the 8th or 15th were frontend challenge so I had to learn again the way to manipulate properly my DOM elements that was satisfying ! The other part that was nice to have, some tests to be able to get our results quickly !
And now I take this good habits to practice everyday 👨‍💻

Thanks Scrimba for this calendar and hope to get in touch with other challenges ! 🤓

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