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How prepared statement prevent SQL Injection ?


Have you ever heard about sql injection ?. For the nutshell sql injection performed by user/client by injecting additional sql query to gain access to your system that you built. consider you have a database table with 2 field username and password to authenticate user to login into you system. You also provide a backend to query the user's data to database and then you construct string query like this.

sql := fmt.Sprintf("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '%s' AND password = '%s'", username, password)
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with this query, the system will be hacked by an irresponsible person.

How to prevent using prepared statement ?

let say that an irresponsible user send username = user' or '1' = '1 and password = pass' or '1' = '1. The result of concatenation of that sql query will be.

SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = 'user' or '1' = '1' AND password = 'pass' or '1' = '1'"
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What ever username and password that user will be passed to backend always makes that query resulting success.
So to avoid this, we need to use prepared statement.

stmt, err := db.Prepare(`SELECT * FROM users WHERE username=? AND password=?`)
row = stmt.QueryRow(username, password)
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Prepared statement will treat the username and password input always as an argument not as a query statement. So the user password is literally pass' or '1' = '1. Prepared statement will pre compiled the string query with the placeholder. Then the argument will be placed later on when you are using that precompiled prepared statement.

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