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NexClipper - Have you heard about?

Observability is one of hot topics in DevOps community but can't see that many managed Prometheus solutions available. Open source projects from NexClipper enables developers to have an observability solutions based on Prometheus in your cloud or laptop.

- ExporterHubLink
Front-end application for the Prometheus Exporters community. is not just a curated list, but also provides exporter installation guide, alert rule configuration, and dashboard configuration

- WebstorkLink
Web tunnel for Cloud-native application monitoring.

- KlevrLink
Hyper-connected Cloud-native delivery solution for SaaS

- ProvBeeLink
Provisioning All the platforms for Cloud-native(includes terraform, virsh, kubectl, helm with all configurations)

- MetrcArkLink
Prometheus based status(State/Event/Metric) gather & exposer

Please evaluate these and let me know if you have any feedback!

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