Building an app with Stellar and IPFS

Jesal Gadhia on April 08, 2018

While Ethereum has been the platform of choice for writing dApps, Stellar arguably has really low transaction fees and is much faster than other ... [Read Full]

Super great. Would totally read more posts like this.

decentralized version of a forum like HackerNews or Reddit using the Stellar blockchain is a forum like HackerNews or Reddit and thought experiments in this realm are really exciting.


Using blockchain for forum like application seem like overkill. On scuttlebutt, a forum is just an entry to the append only log with common tags.


@jesalg there's patchfoo where you can use normal browser to connect to the local port patchfoo is running. It's basically a simple webapp that connect to the ssb daemon and allow you to interact with ssb network through normal browser.


I'm not too familiar with scuttlebutt but a lot of the apps I saw like Patchwork seem to be standalone apps that run outside of the browser. Does the platform support web apps?


I can't believe I hadn't heard of IPFS before, great post and great introduction of something totally new to me!


there are 3 things to follow in this space - ipfs, dat (with beakerbrowser) and ssb.


dat looks very promising, almost superior to ipfs in some ways. Gonna have to look into it a bit more. Thanks for sharing!

You can publish your github pages to dat -

For example, my website can be accessed using beakerbrowser - dat://

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