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Jess Lee on September 12, 2018

I'm preparing a blogging workshop right now and wanted to share a quick list of resources for technical writing and inspiration: ... [Read Full]
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I hope this helps.
I have a draft of my first ever blog in my onenote, I have finished writing the code for the blog but I can't find the motivation to finish it because I don't think it would be good enough


You'd be surprised at how the things we may think are simple or common are very helpful to other people who just may need to see it described or written about from your perspective.


Good enough for whom? Don't let that fear stop you!


Been blogging since 2002, sold most of my blogs and now I share my thoughts on sites like this one. Feel free to ask anything.


I feel the peer pressure. "Come on, Stargator. Everyone's doing it!" "You'd be so cool!"

"My parents are out of town, we can all blog at my place!" (I admit, I've never heard this from anyone, ever).



Hey Stargator, my parents are out of town, we can all blog at my place!

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