Mobile Device for testing Android?

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Y'all, I am deep in the Apple ecosystem, and I've been making iOS applications. I want to extend over to Android, but I am completely ignorant. I cannot find Android devices in local thrift stores, and I don't know what I should be looking for.

What physical device(s) do you use to test your Android applications? What do you recommend?


I saw an RCA Voyager III in my local WalMart for $50 the other day.

I saw an adaption on VirtualBox that would allow you to test without a physical device years ago, last time I tried to stick a toe in. I can't find that one, but I am seeing that you can run Android in VirtualBox, which should also be useful.


OOh. I guess I can just shop at a big box. Thanks. I've been running simulations, but I really want a physical device. :)


Maybe check eBay? not sure if you need to test mobile data stuff, but pretty much anything can connect to WiFi these days.


Thanks. I got one. Great to test on a real device :)

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