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Jesse Phillips
Jesse Phillips

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I am having a hard time creating a focused article related to testing and automation. Maybe by laying out this challenge I will have an easier time having a focus.

When discussing automation and testing, generally, this is in reference to building out a regression suite. However you can have the computer assist by crunching numbers or gather/organizing information.

When discussing testing you could be referring to, checking/verification, regression, or exploration/learning. But regression testing could include both the verification of existing knowledge or explanation to find new areas not previously covered. I've already written some thoughts on regression.

What is so hard about writing an article is defining which combination of these items is being discussed. I could start by defining which one I am speaking to. But in that case I'm ignoring all the others and since you need to do all of the above to have good testing trying to isolate doesn't matter, except it does.

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Alan Barr

It sounds like coming up with a test strategy. It depends on what's being tested and its risks. It might come too easy for you to be able to express it.

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Max Ong Zong Bao

You could look at Test & Code podcast might be useful for inspirations on what to do with it.

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Jesse Phillips

I started 9 Steps to Crater Quality & Destroy Customer Satisfaction - Cristian Medina, and that is some of the hardest stuff to get across. Sadly these are developers and not QA professionals, it shouldn't matter but I anticipate it does.