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Blockchain – The Game changer

Blockchains, Distributed Ledgers, Decentralized Registry Technology - those are keywords that have become an integral part of the future visions and expectations for many tech enthusiasts.

There are more than just a handful of case studies and prototypes based on these technologies trying to revolutionize crucial sectors of society like health care, finance, and contract management.

But what about a more playful approach for its further development? What about making distributed gaming the new game changer of the industry?

The Importance of the Topic

It is necessary and important to tackle the crucial areas which shape our modern society. But how much do we really know about, on one hand the perks and security issues, and on the other hand the real potential of this technology?

I think that those rather big goals we try to achieve and important matters blockchain is currently somewhat squeezed into, may not be the right approach to learn how to fully make use of and properly tame this new shiny thing everyone wants in their pocket.

Kind of kills the Curiosity of the Developers

Keeping in mind those ambitions to change the world for the better as a developer is both – a motivation to push forward and a curse increasing the likelihood of mistakes. Of course, mistakes can be seen as a learning opportunity, but the question remains - at what cost?
I barely know a developer who delivers their “best” code not driven by their curiosity. And by putting the weight of the whole industry on their shoulders that curiosity might get a little crushed.

And this may be an Opportunity to save it

Gaming is not for everyone, but it might be the right playground to fully embrace the wonders blockchains, distribution and decentralization have to offer. On top of the lower pressure and less strict functional and non-functional requirements this environment holds, there is also a very open-minded community, always interested to go beyond the known and ready to establish new rules in its game.

It sure does not change the world the way a revolution in the finance sector would, but it opens a door I would love to see open.

What are your thoughts on this topic? What perks do you see in the emergence of this topic? And what fascinates you the most about those new chances?

I would love to read your opinion on these thoughts.

Photo by Jaroslav Nymburský on Pexels

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