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Symfony Chatbot with Chat-GPT (and other APIs...)

A symfony 6 Chatbot Demo using ChatGPT-3, Youtube, Giphy, WeatherStack apis...πŸ‡«πŸ‡· πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

This is a symfony 6 Chatbot Demo by using Botman.

It can be used as Chatbot symfony 6 starter.

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The project is here:

DEMO live

Demo deployed on Heroku
There's also a youtube video in french about it here: Symfony Chat-GPT chatBot <<

This demo is password protected. Send me a request so I can create your credentials.

@jessica kuijer


composer install 
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symfony serve -d
# open
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On local (dev) environment, use mysql for your own use and then you can create admins with the command:

bin/console app:create:admin
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An invite in your terminal will ask for your credentials and password is hashed.


You can access the main website and /login page only. (& /logout)

Admins can access /chat page for using AI-chatbot.

ChatBot Commands to test

  • "hi"
  • "weather in london"
  • "give me a gif mr bean"
  • "my name is john"
  • "say my name"
  • "what's my name?" or "name"
  • "give me a youtube movie back to the future"
  • "news trump"
  • "weather in new york"
  • THEN... ask for everything you want, AI chatGPT will give you answers. πŸ€–

API used in POC (you have to get your own api keys as environnement variables)

API Youtube data V3

API Giphy

API OpenAI for ChatGPT-3

API WeatherStack


Configure your environnement variables that you can find in services.yaml parameters and .env.local

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