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Golang Ninja Newsletter : The Economist and Go, detect smokers in movies, harmful mmap & more

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Web service architecture for Golang developers

Web service architecture is the first phase before building every project, it’s like you prepare to build a house and start by creating the architecture plan.


Canceling MySQL in Go

There are many occasions when you want to cancel the execution of a MySQL query. With the advent of Go 1.8, the database/sql package made it possible.

SOAP - WSDL request in Go

This is my first post on EACIIT Engineering medium. I’m going to share one of my experiences while working using SOAP-WSDL technology with Go.

mmap in Go considered harmful

Do you use syscall.Mmap in Go? There are high chances the answer is yes, even if you are unaware of it.

Forwarding reader to multiple consumers

You have a reader as input and multiple readers (not writers) passed to different storage APIs. To avoid timeouts, you don’t want to write to them sequentially.

A big LITTLE problem: a tale of big.LITTLE Gone Wrong

On the night of October 24, a question appeared on the #darkarts channel in the Gophers Slack (a group chat of ~33k Go programmers).

Detect smokers in movies with machine learning and Go

As someone who spent a lot of time working with media companies implementing machine learning, I get asked a lot about the ability to detect smoking in videos.

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Dependency injection in Go

We're building a feature rich enterprise-grade app platform, on top of Kubernetes, that consists of 30+ components that are all developed in Golang.

Google Dialogflow’s Golang Tutorial

Tutorial on how to build a chatbot using Dialogflow as a backend and Golang as programming language.

Test an app in Go as black box using Rspec (originally in Russian)

Well-written tests significantly reduce the risk of "breaking" the application when adding a new feature or fixing an error. In complex systems consisting of several interrelated...

Building microservices with event sourcing CQRS in Go using gRPC, NATS Streaming and CockroachDB (originally in Russian)

The main purpose of this article is to build event-driven microservices through *EventSourcing* and *CQRS*.


Atom understands your code better than ever before Atom 1.32 provides improved syntax highlighting and code folding by parsing your code while you type it.

Introducing gqlgen: a GraphQL server generator for Go gqlgen is the best way to build a GraphQL server in Go and possibly even any language. This article looks at why and how we developed it.

Go library beta out now: what’s next for IOTA client libraries

The IOTA Foundation, developer of a popular distributed ledger protocol, invests in the future of its users.


Writing network drivers in Go (pdf)

A Go implementation, called ixy.go, ties to reimplement the driver as closely as possible in idiomatic Go and does so within ¥1000 lines of code.

What are some red flags for you in Go code reviews?

Reddit members share their red flags in the comment threads.


Digital Publishing for Scale: The Economist and Kathryn Jonas talks about The Economist’s struggles and victories in transitioning to Go and how Go has uniquely fit their digital publishing goals.

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