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Master the World of ReactJS — Issue #14

Weekly · Andrés Cidel · July 22· Join for free or add the newsletter rss

Image by Danilo Woznica

Master the World of ReactJS. Each week Andrés Cidel serves the finest articles about the theories, trends, tools and topics.

Andrés is full-stack developer at development platform Jexia. Are you an advanced React user? Stay ahead with Andrés’ React Ninjas Newsletter.


React from scratch

Building applications with JavaScript alone can work, but it quickly becomes unmanageable as your application grows. Let’s say you’re building a todo app.

JavaScript fundamentals before learning React

Often I find myself explaining more JS than React when teaching React in a workshop/online. That's why I have put all the important JS fundamentals (for React) in one extensive article

GraphQL in React for noobs

GraphQL is a syntax that describes how to ask for data. It was released by Facebook publicly in 2015 and since then many companies have adopted it. 

Using Redux-Actions - Why and How?

Redux gives us a powerful way to manage the state of our application. But it also gives us a lot of code to take care of. 

Using Webpack 4 to create browser compatible apps

Often criticised by the JavaScript community for being a ‘customisation hell’, Webpack has tried to try a new approach. 


Matrix code animation in React

I wanted to test the rendering speed of React and push it to see where the limit is.

Using React Context in a TypeScript App

Recently I had the opportunity to use the new React 16 library which comes with features such as the Context API and Error Boundaries.

Building a weather app with React Native

I worked on a small application that I built to fetch weather of a city using a third party API and display a set of data in the form of a card.

Build an online realtime bidding/auction system with React

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to build an online realtime auction system in React using PubNub Realtime Messaging and React-Bootstrap.

Sending emails from a Create-React-App

I’ve found several tutorials on the topic, but mostly outdated or incomplete, so wanted to share a walk through of our solution in case it benefits you as well.


Building a React-based chat client with Redux

Build an app as simply as possible using React and ReactDOM alone, and then refactor to use JSX and Redux.

Testing React Components with Enzyme and Jest

Enzyme is an open source JavaScript testing utility by Airbnb that makes it fun and easy to write tests for React.

Use React and Spring Boot to build a simple CRUD app

React is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, and Spring Boot is wildly popular in the Java ecosystem.

Creating Google-React-Maps in a ReactJs application

Learn how to create Google React maps in ReactJS apps used to build HTML. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to build a React app on your own.


Is JavaScript still relevant? In this article, Shusetsu Toda of Lisk explains why JavaScript is alive and well and what role it has in blockchain's journey into the mainstream.


ReactJS and Redux Tutorial Part 1: Introduction

Building a chat app with and ReactJS

Weekly · Andrés Cidel · July 22· Join for free or add the newsletter rss

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