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React Ninjas Newsletter — Issue #12

By Andrés Cidel · Issue #12 · Join this weekly newsletter

Image by Danilo Woznica

Stay up-to-date and ahead of your peers with Andrés Cidel’s newsletter for React Ninjas. Andrés currently uses React to build developer platform Jexia. Just learning React? Join his newsletter ’Master the World of ReactJS’.


5 common practices that you can stop doing in React Sometimes best practices can compromise performance, readability, and make things unproductive in the long run.


Transforming elements in React

Transforming elements is interesting if you’re a library author, but is also valuable when writing components to abstract behaviour in your existing code base.

Designing Reusable React components

If you’ve worked on any large React project, you’ve probably run into a component or two that gave you quite a headache when you tried to reuse it.

Build a live paint application with React

A realtime application is a program that functions within a time frame that the user senses as immediate or current.

Upgrade your React UI with state machines

This article is about React-Machinery, a library for creating and using state machines in react to control UI.

Writing better Redux’s code with TypeScript

TypeScript typings power, when used properly, could help us write better code.

Running tests and creating code coverage for React/NodeJS

The foundation for a healthy project is a high standard of automated tests.

Chat app with React Native, Expo and Microsoft’s bot framework

It seems like everyone and their dog wants to build a chat app or incorporate chat into their app, but for most it ends up being a big undertaking.


Virtual reality with React 360

As a software developer, I spend my time building websites and web apps, but for a long time, I’ve also had a side interest in virtual reality.

Improving React runtime performance

At QuintoAndar we've been working hard on building our Single Page Application, Progressive Web App as a way to improve the experience of our users.

Better synergy React Native webviews and their webpages

Simplify your code by making your webview and React Native components run each other's functions.

React Native: retrospective from the mobile team at Udacity

The mobile team at Udacity recently removed the last features in our apps written with React Native. In this post, we share what worked, and what didn't.

How we migrated Weedmaps to React and cut load times in half

Weedmaps was a monolithic server rendered Rails app that was not mobile friendly. To address mobile demand, we introduced a full split of the application.


React Native gesture handling with ReasonML

In this post, I’m going to go over leveraging ReasonML’s powerful variant types to create a React wrapper to handle React Native gestures.

Chromatic 1.0 — continuous UI testing for React

Chromatic monitors the look of React UI components from commit-to-commit and notifies you of visual changes automatically. You save time by automating…

A lesson about React, D3 and animation performance

You can totally use JavaScript to build performant 60 fps animation. Even with thousands of elements all moving on every frame of your animation.


Watch all talks from GraphQL Europe 2018

The conference has left everyone energized and inspired thanks to insightful talks and fruitful discussions all around GraphQL.

By Andrés Cidel · Issue #12 · Join this weekly newsletter

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