Let's Build a Chrome Extension!

John Hotterbeekx on April 06, 2019

Recently I've created my first chrome extension. It's called Catify, and it replaces every image on your page with an image of a cat. Now every c... [Read Full]
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Do you need to pay something to publish a chrome extension ?


Not any more, there used to be a $5,- fee you had to pay when registering as developer, but it seems that they have removed that.


Huh, really? When did this come into effect? When I published my extension 'Save for Later', a couple weeks ago, I still had to pay the 5$.

Not sure, I paid as well when I published Catify. But in preparing this article I used a new Google account and I didn't have to pay for anything. So my guess is that it changed somewhere in the last few weeks.


Just sharing my related work. Few days back along with Mozilla Contributors authored a book on WebExtension Development. If developers are developing for Chrome its easy to migrate to other browsers too.

If interested check out my book on leanpub


Any of you know how to listen for events in the current tab document and react to them in the extension?
Kind of what vue-devtools does.


I think what you want can be achieved with a content script. This allows you to access events on the page. The documentation can be found at developer.chrome.com/extensions/co...


I've always been intrigued and wanted to try making my own extension so thanks this is really useful!

Remember listening to an interesting problem Troy Hunt found once with a chrome addon (troyhunt.com/add-ons-extensions-an...)

That led to a wider discussion on what could happen when someone sells their chrome addon to another business, and they alter it under the hood to do something completely different!


Thank you so much for this, I've really been looking forward to creating a browser extension and now I finally did. Thanks once again.


I have to admit, never thought it would be so easy to build and deploy a chrome extension. You made it super simple by explaining everything step-by-step.

Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™Œ


Thanks for good tutorial, some days ago thought to create night mode for sites, think it would be good start point for this


Thank you for this! Was looking for a short but detailed article like this a while back and didn't know where to start. This is great!

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