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I recently published my first book on Cross Browser WebExtension development. This book can be downloaded for free from leanpub and is licensed with Creative Commons license. This book will be good for beginners who are interested to learn more on Javascript. This book contains 7 experiments with good number of API's explained with code examples and another 7 suggested experiments which we can try.

Contents in book

  • With this book we can learn about setting us the Firefox Extension development.
  • We can learn the amazing 7 experiments listed below.
  • We can learn about publishing to Firefox AMO.


  1. Building Motivational Tab
  2. Building Power Search Add-on
  3. Building Tabs Closer
  4. Building PDF WebPage Extension
  5. Building Water Notifier Extension
  6. Building Shortcuts for Youtube Controller
  7. Building Quick Stackoverflow searcher

Download the book, try it share your experience.


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