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Giorgi Jibladze
Giorgi Jibladze

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1 year long schedule for exam

As I promised to myself and you, I have a concrete schedule, describing my preparation plan at high level. I've created separate google calendar, you can all look at it:

Before I came up with this high level schedule, I have read several articles and answers on forums by people either passed the toptal interview, or working there.

Looking at advices, 100% of them tell to use at least half of your time on coding challenges, data structures and algorithms. So, I took 50% of my time for this – I have 1 year long schedule, so first 6 months I have only for it. Probably, I will use Codility. Most of the people recommend particularly this website, because as they say, Toptal interviewers use it during interviews - you are asked to solve problems on this platform.

After 6 months, I start exercising on system design challenges and parallely I am planing to have at least one free interview to practice in live coding. I am going to use InterviewBit.

I think I will change lot things on a way but promise will update you on every news.

Regarding the technology and programming language, I still don't have an answer. I am thinking between Typescript and Java. After I choose, I will give you the reasons, why I think to choose between these languages and also will give you all my arguments. Meanwhile, I would love to see your comments and suggestions on a language <3

First 2 weeks of September, I have already scheduled, long waited vacation. I will have a break and I am planning to start approximately after Sept. 18.

I'll be back with more detailed (weekly) plan of first 2-3 months.


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Henry Sebastián Remache

How is it going?

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