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Juan Ignacio Carrozzo
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The long road to become a real freelancer

I just realize that next next March will be 30 years since i wrote my first "program". Yeah, it was 1989 and i was learning Logo in a Talent MSX Computer in an institute that my mom used to work after hours. After 1 year i was so bored that i decided to read the manual that came with that computer and this took me to learn BASIC and after a while i found C and so my path started.
Right now i'm living in Moscow with my girlfriend but i'm still employee in Argentina and by now Argentina's economical situation it's quite bad and so is my salary. This was 2nd reason of me moving to Moscow. Obviusly the first and main reason is L-O-V-E... (yeah, all this to say i have a russian girl :))

Now, after 14 years of working on the same company (yeah.. 14...) and at least 12 of "not a single update" to my public programmer profile, i decided that the time has come.
I hope this will take me in the right direction.

So, i started by making a list of lists:

  • Things i need to update,
  • Things i need to create,
  • Things i need to learn

Things i need to update

I realize that the last time i check my CV i was learning Blackberry programming with a guy name Brian Taffel (i recently found him in Medium).blackberry man! you can imagine.
So, i need to create a new one from scratch with updated profile and skills.

I created it looooong time ago but because my coding belong to the company i never upload anything. Yes, i know i could have done some side work or at least upload my training code or some of the independent web developments i did during this years but, i didn't and now i regret it.

Things to create

Because i didn't updaload anything during this time, now i need to fill my portfolio with samples of my code. I decide to start with things i'm using right now so i will create: A simple Ionic PWA (Gong-Time) and a Ionic app using Firestore (Market-List) and upload a project that i created to learn Firestore (Budget-Control). I'm also working in a midsize project call "Bora Treinar" with a friend so i will upload it there too.

I've been paying for my name domain since gosh knows when, so i will (finally) create my personal website. I'm thinking on some simple static HTML with some cool CSS.

Things to learn

JS Frameworks
I usually try to introduce some new frameworks to our company projects but since the company grow so much (when i started we were 5 geeks) it become quite difficult even though we use classic ones (JQuery, underscore, bootstrap, etc)
So, i want to start with some Vue.js.

Programming Languages
Python it is. Why? i don't know. Well let me tell you, every programmer i meet here, is somehow doing something with Python, majority of post i read have something about Python, 1 of every 3 job requeriments i check, ask for Python. So, as i said, Python it is.

Writing a Blog
Last but not least i will start blogging (i just did ;)) I have always been a fan of this art but never wrote a single line. Maybe because i'm living abroad or maybe because of my age, but i think this is the moment to start my own.

Ok, so this is my roadmap. I will try to move as fast as i can and try.

Let me know what you think about this ideas.

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As a programmer, probably the same age as you are, I am facing the same challenge, however my motivation is clearly driven by the will of building things that matter for once. I understand how you must feel. I never got a raise, working with 10 years old tech and I feel I'm going nowhere.

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Juan Ignacio Carrozzo

So good to see that im not alone in this path hahaha.. But i don't feel like going nowhere, just a bit stuck on the mud.
Just focus and keep learning my friend.

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Palash Bauri πŸ‘»

Programming Languages
Phyton it is. Why? i don't know. Well let me tell you, every programmer i meet here, is somehow doing something with Phyton, majority of post i read have something about Phyton, 1 of every 3 job requeriments i check, ask for Phyton. So, as i said, Phyton it is.

I think you want to say Python?

jicarrozzo profile image
Juan Ignacio Carrozzo

Ups!... yeah.. that's my dyslexia.. thanks!

nulldreams profile image
Igor Souza Martins

So inspiring!!!
About js frameworks, Vuejs is a great choice, I work with it and i dont have any problem. Write more about your journey in Moscow!!

imben1109 profile image

The List of Lists seems not related to "The long road to become a real freelancer".

Could you list the List of things to do for becoming a real freelancer. I am very interested in this.

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Juan Ignacio Carrozzo

Hi Ben. Maybe the title its not quite accurate but the lists are to help me stand in a position that will help introduce my self AS A REAL freelancer and not just as guy that do some side work from time to time.
I realized that after 14 years of been in the same company i left aside my personal presence in the IT world.
I hope this clear it up but and maybe help you, at least, to give the first step.
Good luck!