Why does Flutter projects contain Ruby?

jideguru profile image Olusegun Festus Babajide ・1 min read

Hello guys,
I noticed that anytime i push a flutter project to Github, Ruby is always indicated part of the languages it was written in. Example is my screenshot below

Also i integrated Travis CI with a flutter project on Github following this tutorial and i also notice that Travis CI recognized the project to be using Ruby. Check my screenshot below

I asked a few people if they can explain this but i couldn't get any answer. I hope you guys will be able to help.



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If you click on the Ruby tag you'll see that GitHub detects two files as Ruby:

Looking at their content I can see they are definitely written in Ruby.

The reason is because CocoaPods itself is written in Ruby and its spec files as we've seen are written in Ruby as well.


Wow, thanks.
This explains why Github detects a little Ruby. But what about Travis. why does it test with Ruby even if you haven't build with Cocoapods?


I don't know. Do you have a public URL for the Travis build?