re: Command-line or GUI for dev tools? Some hate the command-line, really? Still? VIEW POST


I'm a GUI guy. I can use the command line, and do for some power things like less common git commands, but I much prefer a GUI. The things I need are obvious and visible, I don't have to keep searching the help or the internet for the right parameters.

Maybe if autocomplete was a thing with great popup prompts then I might change.

I guess I'm lazy - I like to find the simplest way to do something with a tool keeping the cognitive load down, saving brain cycles for solving problems


I feel the same way. I don't have an issue or a perceived efficiency penalty by using a GUI so I don't see a need to stop using GUI-based approaches in favour of CLI-based ones.


You should try az interactive for the Azure CLI. It is an awesome learning tool but also is kind of like a GUI for command line.

Azure CLI Interactive

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