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Fold for COVID


As some of you fine folks may know, I work as a backend software engineer for Balena, occasionally building cool robots or shooting things with lasers.

I don't usually post about work stuff, but I wanted to share my pride in our team's efforts to get the Fold For COVID site up and running. We're using our IoT platform to provide prebuilt images that will boot a bunch of devices directly into BOINC and start folding proteins for the Rosetta@Home project at the University of Washington's Baker Lab.

This project was initiated by our very own David Tischler, with support from a bunch of other Arm folks got the Rosetta@Home project compiling on ARM64. If you want more information about that you can read David's blog post about it.

We don't just support Arm, if you have an intel machine lying around unused you can download an image which will flash it from a USB stick. Time to drag that old laptop out of the cupboard and get started. If you want to use a Raspberry Pi then you'll need at least a Pi 4 with > 2GB of RAM.

What are you waiting for? Go Fold For COVID!

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World Community Grid (runs off BOINC) recently released OpenPandemics as a beta. They are also offering covid-19 related work units. CPU only.

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Omri Gabay

So I can't use my ordinary windows desktop for this?

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James Harton

You can run rosetta@home on windows for sure. We’ve just put the whole thing together as a single image to make it easier for folks to put old or unused hardware to use.

Head over to and download the regular client and you’re away.