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Computer vision to diagnose coronavirus

As America has collectively tested a million people and some test results are taking more than a week. Testing of coronavirus remains among the most pressing problems with America’s response to the pandemic — this calls for quick and accurate coronavirus diagnostics.

Alibaba Group built an artificial intelligence system capable of virus-diagnosis and analysis from CT scan imagery. A CT machine produces 300 to 400 images per patients, and it would take a very experienced doctor at least 10 minutes to diagnose one patient. An artificial intelligence system can diagnose in less than 30 seconds and with a 96% accuracy.

These AI-enabled medical-imaging systems use computer vision to classify cases and to detect signs of improvement. It served as an analytical and screening tool, providing the opinion for doctors to make decisions. These AI systems have been used by 26 hospitals and has helped diagnose over 30,000 cases in China, and it is on its way to help other countries.

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