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Old product UI Code migration to React

Hi everyone,

Currently i am working on project where my company is trying to move their old UI product code to React Framework.
Problem is that our product is enterprise application & it has maximum of code written in plain JS & JSPs which gets rendered in iframe(s).We have around 800-900 JSPs and huge unique screens which have multiple of functionalities, these screens are created in Backbone.js/Ext.js.
To convert it into React should be very huge considerable amount of work.

What we have decided to that to convert one screen at a time with the help of iframes where we will develop using node js and then use node to fire build and we will use build generated JS/HTML/CSS files in our product.

We follow two weeks of sprint cycle, so we will release react converted new screen(s) in each sprint, so using this approach we plan to release each page(s) as part of each sprint & port entire application into React pages.
We don't want entire application porting into React as part of single major release, our intention is to use release page(s) per Sprint.

Do you think the approach which we are taking is proper? If not then please suggest any other feasible alternatives.

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