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Joel Murphy
Joel Murphy

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I can’t get the time off work to attend Web Summit. Anybody want two tickets?

Hey all,

I’ve got two tickets for Web Summit conference in Lisbon during November of this year. I was really excited for this event but unfortunately my current employer won’t give me the time off to attend. I also had to pay for all travel and accommodation myself which sucks :(

If anyone would like these tickets, I’m willing to give them away for Free but the deadline for assigning names to the tickets is tonight! You’ll need to arrange travel and accommodation yourself but the tickets will be free of course.

If you’d like the tickets, please comment below with answers to the following:

  • Why you want the tickets
  • How the event will benefit you
  • How many tickets you’d like? (1 or 2)

I’ll pick someone at random and assign names to the tickets before 11:59pm GMT.


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Martin Thiel

Hi Joel,
How bad that you couldn't go.
I just broke up my job to search for new opportunities in the tech world and I would love to go there with my best friend who actually lives in Lisbon!
Would be awesome to join this great event to get inspired and to find a new project.
Best regards from Berlin

omanoui profile image
Mero • Edited

Hi Joel, am interested to get one ticket am mainly interested to attend dev workshops and also would love to attends Snowden talk + Libra (facebook crypto) VP talk i want to hear how they are planning to deal with regulators , few of my friends managed to get free ticket under the open source initiative i was late to apply and i would love to join them

benallenuk profile image
Ben Allen

Hey Joel,

What an offer! I'd love 2 tickets please!

My friend and I are just breaking out into the tech world on our own as devs for hire to help build up a pool of money to launch a start-up with. We'd get a lot out of this event as we are trying to meet the companies that can help us build a small agency as well as get inspired by all of the amazing start-up organisations that are there.

Appreciate it this opportunity! I signed up to for this, didn't realise this was a thing so thanks for that as well!


rluisnpt1 profile image
rluisnpt1 • Edited

Hi joel
Definitely really bad to hear that.
We'll that's the greatest event in our area. I'm leaving my actual job in two months and could be a really great opportunity to find something new. Or may one idea to build my one startup or something like that. Who know Actually if this happen I definitely will remember you. I need 2 tickets.

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Connect on a global scale. Sure, I can connect with people from around the world online, but there's no substitute for meeting face to face.

Global connections allow you to reach a much bigger group of people. People steeped in other cultures know how to make your business appealing to people in their cultures. They can also bring entirely new ideas to the table. Global collaboration gives me a massive edge when it comes to innovation.

Web Summit invite speakers and startups from around the world. They are ambassadors for diversity, because they understand how diversity can improve the future of tech.

omanoui profile image

Hi Joel , so who is the lucky winner :)

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