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The New and Deadly FontOnLake Malware Family

This new Malware family is up to no good:

  • A very clever malware designed with 3 components: - trojanized applications, - backdoors, and - rootkits. 🐞

  • It employs a rootkit to conceal its presence and uses different command and control servers for each sample, maintaining a low profile on your system as if nothing is happening will it cause havoc.

  • It is designed to launch and mediate access to a local SSH server, update itself, and transmit collected credentials. 🔒

  • FontOnLake is capable of file manipulation, updating itself, and uploading and downloading files

  • It accepts remote connections, serves as a proxy and can download and run Python scripts, in addition to exfiltrating credentials.

  • Surprisingly, this malware targets the one who is immune to most viruses, Linux

  • And the most scary part is that, it is still under development (and it is this deadly ☠️)

source: securityweek

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