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10 Best practices to Design your Dapp | Dapp Design Guide

In this video I will give you 10 design principles to follow when you develop your Ethereum Dapp. These principles covers security, architecture and UI / UX:

  1. You should NOT take control of your user private keys
  2. You should NOT sign transactions on behalf of your users from a 3. central server
  3. You should put all the critical data and code on the blockchain
  4. You should always run security tools on your smart contract
  5. You should deploy your dapp on a public testnet before mainnet
  6. You will use Ethereum addresses to identify users
  7. If your contract is updatable, you will be transparent about it
  8. You should explain how the external data is collected
  9. You should verify your smart contract on Etherscan
  10. You should show feedback to users while a transaction is mining

If you prefer to read the article instead, checkout out how to design an Ethereum Dapp | 10 best practices.

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